Twisted Hermetic Doors

Product information

We focus on healthcare, cleanroom and cold chain solutions. Hygiene health doors provide sterile air maintenance, our clean room door systems help maintain dust and / or germ-free conditions, and our cold chain doors save energy in cold or warm rooms.

High quality doors

Our door systems are guaranteed to last more than 10 years, and that's not the only thing that determines the quality of our doors. Metaflex has various certifications such as ISO 9001. In addition, our door systems have various certifications for air tightness, fire resistance, smoke resistance, sound resistance and water proofing. Metaflex doors also comply with the CE mark, which means the doors meet European requirements.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors provide minimal movement of air, which makes it easier to control weather conditions. The rail system of our professional sliding doors enables the door to be opened and closed effortlessly, no matter how big or heavy the door is. Metaflex's reliable controller provides optimum ease of use for automatic sliding doors.

Technical information

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