Stainless Pass Box

Product information

Pass box, also called Stainless Passbox, is mainly used for transferring goods between clean areas or clean areas and unclean areas, thus reducing the frequency of opening doors and reducing the risk of cleanroom contamination.

Pass box is made of SUS 304 stainless steel or power-coated steel plate

Top air supply with H14 HEPA Filter (99.995%~99.999%@0.3um),  reach up to ISO-5 (Class 100)

Double doors are Interlocking to prevent from cross-contamination

External flush surface and ace corner ensure no dust collection and easy cleaning

Dedicated sanitary rubber strip to ensure airtightness

Equipped with UV light

Safe structural design, easy installation

Technical information

Door Type 100% Flush

Interlocking Type Mechanical/Electrical magnetic

Usage Areas