Passbox Units

Controlling the entry of particle contamination into cleanrooms and other controlled environments is essential to maintain the integrity of products and processes. Personnel traffic is the most important factor to be controlled. Hygiene Pass Boxes and Transfer Covers are an effective solution as they allow materials to be transferred to a controlled environment without actual personnel movement. For example, they can be used in microbiological safety laboratory applications to protect the external environment from contamination exit.

The mechanical lock is reliable, maintenance-free, fail-safe, and maintains cleanroom integrity by preventing both doors from opening simultaneously.
All Hygiene products are manufactured for the most demanding controlled environment applications.
All components are designed for enhanced durability for maximum chemical resistance and long service life.
The main body of the pass box is made of industrial grade electrogalvanized steel.
The pass box base surface is made of stainless steel, making it easy to clean the work area.
Acrylic doors provide a clear view of the interior chamber.
Standard 1 year warranty.


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