Partition Panels

Product information

It has been developed in order to divide areas requiring critical hygiene safety with "Hygienic Partition Panels" in modular structure designed in accordance with Clean Room and GMP standards. Without the need for any additional carrier; With its hidden aluminum frame and high strength "Hygienic Partition Panels", even wide openings can be passed without any problem.

Both surfaces of the "Hygienic Partition Panels" are covered with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) plates that are flat, smooth and have antibacterial properties. In addition, different materials such as Stainless, Galvanized, Aluminum or Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester can be preferred on the panel surfaces according to customer demand.

"Hygienic Partition Panels" have a composite structure containing high insulation insulators (EPS, Rock Wool, etc.). It has been designed in a flush with all other panel, door and accessory systems used together. The "Hygienic Partition Panels", which stand out with their rounded corner and finish details, easy assembly style, material structure that allows intervention to changes or additions that may occur in the field, can be removed and installed in a different area when desired.

Technical information

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