Panel Group

Hijyen Panel specializes in the production and design of modular clean room panels for the pharmaceutical, food and biotech industries. Our modular clean room panels are designed to meet the needs of the latest technology. The prefabricated modular system offers the quality, flexibility and performance required for any fast moving clean room project.

Our modular panels can accommodate whatever the facility layout. All parts are prefabricated. During the installation, wall and ceiling panels are installed, windows and doors are placed at a specific location at the same time, and lighting, filter, HVAC system etc. Necessary cuts or openings are made for it.

As your cleanroom requirements evolve with today's technology, our modular panels can also be modified in the future to facilitate equipment or manufacturing process changes.

Our company consists of disciplined experts in all aspects of modular clean room panel design, engineering and assembly. Our team can support clients step by step throughout the project from early stage to end. This proven method is the key to success and customer satisfaction.

Quality, which is our permanent policy, cannot be compromised. Our company is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standard procedure.

Our R&D department is working non-stop to serve the most demanding and fast-changing cleanroom industry and makes every effort to develop new technology and know-how.


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